Paisley Scarf Photography

capturing the evocative beauty and gracefulness of the new south

Southern Academic | Homage for Melisa
Gracious + Southern | Homage for Christi Meggs
Longing | Homage Laura Kotti
Title: Place of History | Homage for Debbie O'Neal
Dum spiro spero | Homage Sharekka Bridges
Towards God | Homage for Felicia
Ecclesia - Palladian
Sunset on First Presbyterian Church
Less Traveled
St. David's Eyes
Grandma's Rose
Brick and Iron
Shadow of Nature
19th of May Title: Covrt Hovse Artist: Ron Stafford
Sounding Board | homage to Larry Watson
Pew + Glass + Shadow
Beyond the Veil
Sunset on Salem Black River Church
Metal and Stone
Gryphon at the Grove Arcade
Old Fort Angel
My beloved Anna Hyatt Huntington
Vista of Kings Mountain
Majestic Bricks
Moss and Melding
Southern Gothic
Cercis canadensis
Un bel dì€ vedremo per Karen
EH! Inundatio
Georgian Echoes
Southern Gothic | Homage Eudora Welty
To the Manor Born
The Light of HIstory
towards Heaven
PQ - PR = Literature
Campbell Lake
Family rests here
Vista of Trinity
Camellias and Graves
Pater's Plow
Cause I just got a letter to my soul
Whence Come We?
Fall's Furry
Arches @ Sheldon
My Academic Home
Towards Broad
This Way
Leaves + Brick
Storm + Trees
Close-Up: Leaf
Splotches of Colour
Fall and Dog Wood
Mi Chiamano Mimi Homage | Karen Nlsen
Bohemian in Nature
Ethereal Echo via 11/11/11 @ 11:11:11
From the Other Side
Rural Vista
O Cara natura Homage | Terry Bivens
Down by the Riverside
Prissy Pot Homage | Mama
Bohemian Shelf | Homage Joyce Weaver
Georgian Remains
Onward to Knowledge! Homage | Ellen Show
Southern Gothic | Our Eugenia
Vista | Old St. David's
Under the Cope of Heaven / Homage Chris
Homage | Megan
Homage | Sharon Stack
Steeple + Sundown
Shadows of Sheldon
Hymenocallis caroliniana
Ancient Brick
Clouds and Nature
Echoes of Sheldon
Longing for the University of South Carolina
Stormy Carolina
Dusk at First Presbyterian Church
Shadows on First Presbyterian Church
Rutledge Before the Storm
Honoring Jonathan Maxcy
Favorite Campus spot
Flying over Drayton
The Light of Knowledge
The President's House @ USC
End of Day
Honoring Richard Greener
Gracious Georgian
Pee-Dee Union
Home of Drayton
On Dusk's Feet
Anna's Vantage Point
Anna Hyatt Huntington
Summer Lovin'
Man Meets Nature
Boy of the Waxhaws
The Torch Bearer
Natural Stress Relief
Soldiers Respite
Ancient Glass
Distorted Water
Glass + Nature
Farm Land
Before the Snow Storm
Luce del Sole
Nature at Sunset
End of the Day -- Beauty
Storm + King Hagler
Nature 1 - House -0
Lux aeterna luceat eis, Domine
Spill Way
Place of Repose
Melding into Nataure
Forever to thee -- Davis College
Col. Cash, lies here
Homage to Eudora Welty
The Big House
Pee Dee River (N.C. and S.C.)
Gibbes Museum of Art (Charleston, S.C.)
George W. Cornwell House
Enslaved People's Home
Clouds + Glass
Echos of the Past
Founding Family
A bit of Rodin
My Friend Dizzy
Where do we come from? Where do we go?
En plein air
Rinascimento Agricolo
Granny's English Dogwood
Let there be Light!
Dizzy's Hands
Old Waxhaw Presbyterian Church.
Shadows of History
My Muse
Cleric's Perch
Evening Comes
Gentleman's Vignette
The Crest
Roman Head Sans Body
Rutledge College
The Torch Bearer
Old Stones
Mister's House
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